Homeopaths in Massachusetts (MA)

Homeopath, LAc, CCH, RSHom, (NA)
"My specialty is identifying the underlying cause of a chronic problem, meaning its emotional basis, and addressing this by accurate selection of a constitutional homeopathic remedy. Following my initial consult clients often report that I know them better than any close friend or relative. I routinely treat: depression, Attention Deficit Disorder, eating disorders, hyperactivity, anxiety, fibromyalgia, asthma, sinusitis, chronic ear and other infections, fatigue, migraine headache, IBS, PTSD, GERD, eczema, allergies, urinary tract infection, dysmenorrhea, menopausal ailments, and infertility. I see infants, children, adults, and occasionally pets. I find treating multiple family members offers a bonus: improved family dynamics."
Homeopath, DiHom, CCH
"Now, more than ever, people are taking an active role in their healthcare. Whether someone is looking for a conventional or complementary medicine, the goal is to relieve the pain and suffering. Working in a holistic manner, I listen to understand each person's unique experience, uncover what may have been the initial cause, and what associated physical symptoms they may have. I use Homeopathy, a holistic medicine which treats both mental and physical symptoms, providing an excellent intervention to help rebalance. Choosing remedies that best match the imbalance, then both mind and body can be greatly relieved."
Homeopath, CCH
"I have been helping people heal with homeopathy for over 20 years. I know homeopathy can help you if you are looking for a natural, effective way to resolve health problems or prevent illnesses. Homeopathy can help if you or a family member has a long standing health problem that despite taking medications has not yet resolved. Or has repeated episodes of coughs, sinus infections, or earaches that over the counter medications don't help. Or is suffering from anxiety or depression, insomnia or memory lapses and does not want to take a prescription medication because of the side effects."
Homeopath, CCH, RSH(om)
"Do you have a health issue no one can't figure out? Are you at a dead end in your path to health? Are you looking to improve your health using natural remedies? Homeopathic care can help you achieve higher levels of mental, emotional and physical health. It treats you holistically and is concerned with all of who you are, not just the condition(s) you have."
"Homeopathy is a natural form of holistic health that benefits the unique way we experience health. My passion for this magnificent art and science continues to grow. It is my pleasure and calling to serve as a classical homeopath to those who seek this care. I enjoy working with folks who seek a holistic solution to on going conditions such as fatigue, anxiety/irritably, insomnia, indigestion/heartburn, constipation, female issues, poor memory, immune disorders and more. I invite you to call/email and let's talk about your concerns."