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Homeopaths in Tennessee (TN)

"I have studied, taught and practiced Homeopathy since 1989 and consider it to be a very effective method of health enhancement. Consultations are available to people of all ages,as well as animals, and for almost any health concern. I see myself as a partner in restoring health and encourage my clients to be informed consumers."
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Chiropractor, BS, DC, NAET
"If you were really healthy, just imagine what you could accomplish! I can help if you suffer with back pain, headaches, fatigue, and environmental or food allergies. I get to the root of the problem and get results. Providing care that is unique to each person with each visit building on the previous one, and involving patients in active recovery is how I truly aid in rehabilitating injury and chronic pain. I have also added highly effective and research driven N.A.E.T. allergy elimination for further resolve of patient conditions that have had limited success with Chiropractic care."
"Most of us know that chiropractor's can help with neck and back pain, but chiropractic care goes much beyond that. Dr. Ingleby has over 23 years of chiropractic experience *Pamer Graduate *Courtesy Consultation *Affordable fees *Same day and Saturday appointments *Treatment on the first visit *Massage therapy *Physical therapy, including Decompression traction"
"Pro Massage and Chiropractic focuses on Pain relief. I especially like clients who have been to other health care providers and have not seen desired results. Whether it be the feet to migraine headaches, our results speak volumes for our clients. Experience the difference!"
"We are a Biological Holistic mercury-free and mercury-safe clinic. Our integrative approach to dentistry is an open door to understanding the connection between Silent Inflammation and chronic degenerative disease. We follow the IAOMT protocal for Safe Mercury Removal. The purpose of removing mercury amalgam from your teeth is to eliminate a major source of heavy metal toxins and thus inflammation from entering your body's biosystem. Our symptoms checklist explains specific symptoms you may be experiencing that could be a direct result of toxic mercury fillings."
"Our office encourages each patient to take control of his or her own health. We can help patients achieve optimum dental health and improve their quality of life. We desire relationships to patients that are always win-win, mutually beneficial. Our staff is kind, professional, and concerned, and we recognize that your dental healthcare options are many, so we do our level best to give maximum customer service. Our aim is to assess and to resolve any oral concerns you may have, as gently as possible."
Acupuncturist, LAc, DiplAc
"Many people ask how I became interested in Acupuncture. I started getting Acupuncture treatment in 1985 for neck and shoulder aches and found it quite effective to relieve the tensions of an active lifestyle along with motherhood. Continuing with periodic maintenance until a wreck in 1992, when I had to get many treatments in a variety of modalities in order to prevent spinal fusions for 3 herniated discs. Acupuncture worked! I love this type of therapy and what it does helping others. I look forward to assisting you with your healthcare needs and often work with the western medical community in complicated cases."
""Our goal is to care for you in such a manner,you would entrust us with your loved ones." James R. Ross D.D.S., M.S. Co-Founder & Partner Emeritus "Our purpose is to assist you in obtaining a healthy mouth (gum and bone tissue to support your teeth). Additionally, we want to assist you in replacing your missing teeth with dental implants."The Periodontist is an expert in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease affecting the supporting structures of the teeth; your gums and bone."
"Our Mission: To provide extraordinary, affordable service utilizing customized natural approaches to help you achieve your health goals. Dr. Beth Barnett and her experienced team have treated 1000's of patients in Middle Tennessee. You can anticipate a full range of treatment options customized for your individual needs in a quiet and relaxed setting. Dr. Barnett has assembled a talented group of practitioners who represent the best in their respective fields. Dr .Lo utilizes techniques such as Activator, Diversified, Basic, Functional Movement Screens, Webster Technique, Active Release Technique and specific corrective exercise programs to provide excellent care to the community."
"My focus at SI BodyWorks is Structural Integration the Ida P. Rolf method. By stretching the fascia webbing throughout the body, space can be achieved to allieviate joint and muscle pain. Posture can be improved as well through SI. If you are an athlete, or one who suffers from stiffness due to injuries, surgeries or a sedentary jobs, you would greatly benefit from fascial massage. Being a therapist since 1986, I have offered many modalities in the past. I have found fascial massage to be most effective and creates longer lasting change in the body."
Acupuncturist, LAc, MSOM, DiplAC, DiplCH
"A life that is tense and stressful compromises health and wellbeing. Re-establishing balance is a key component to reclaiming good health. You are invited to experience the peaceful harmony that acupuncture and oriental medicine gives. I am committed to helping patients resolve physical and/or emotional issues and restoring vibrant health in all aspects of their lives. You will experience a gentle acupuncture technique and when necessary herbal supplements to restore and support a lasting balance and vitality in your body."
Acupuncturist, LAc, MD, PhD
"I am a licensed acupuncturist with M.D. and Ph.D. degrees. I obtained MD degree from Taishan Medical College and practiced Internal Medicine for 6 years, then I studied Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai University of TCM for 6 years and attained PhD degree. I practiced acupuncture and herbal medicine for more than 10 years before I came to the United States. In addition to relieve various pain and manage stress/anxiety, I am also specialized in treating aging related problems and Gynecologic sufferings."
"I have a Master of Science degree in Oriental Medicine. I am trained as a herbalist and have an herbal clinic on site. I am passionate about acupuncture because it works. I see patients with chronic long term pain. I am licenesed in 3 states. CT, KY, TN. I want to create a partnership of the mind, body, spirit and emotion with the use of Chinese Medicine. Western Medicine compartamentalizes patients and Chinese medicine treats the whole person. My intention is always for the best outcome for each and every patient and I work hard in partnership to create this dynamic."
"Do you have pain in your body and emotional stress or anxiety? My style of massage is an integrative approach of a swedish base to calm the nervous system and to relax the superficial muscles with a deeper, more specific Neuromuscular technique to relieve the felt pain in your muscles. I also work with people who have histories of abuse to be able to receive massage and nurture their bodies as they heal from past wounds."
"Whether you have pain, balance or posture issues, corrective bodywork, Orthopedic Massage and John F. Barnes Myofascial release is a great alternative to traditional medical options. IF YOU HAVE TRIED OTHER MORE INVASIVE OPTIONS TO GET RELIEF, YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT THERE ARE OTHER OPTIONS. GIVE ME A CALL. I BELIEVE I CAN HELP! Treatment focus is on aligning soft tissue to reinstate proper function and use. Treatments can been done in work out clothes. Most treatments do not include the use of oils or lotions and results are usually immediate. Knowledgeable in most areas of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine,"
"Whether recent or chronic, pain that is slowing down your life can respond to soft tissue treatments specifically designed for recovery and healing. My national certifications in Orthopedic and Medical Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy, as well as training in other modalities, are tailored for use on an individual basis for each client to provide the maximum level of relief possible per session."
"Action Spine & Joint (formerly Action Chiropractic) is a 7 time winner for Best Chiropractic Clinic (Nashville Scene & Tennesseean). The clinic is led by spinal specialist & published author Dr. Casey Bearden, Palmer graduate. Our physicians focus on full body healing and spine and joint issues. Our specialties are treatments of the back, shoulder, knee, elbow, and neck. Common conditions we treat include bursitis & tendonits. We are committed to helping you avoid surgery whenever possible. We treat chronic or acute neck or pain, sciatica, bulging, herniated, or ruptured disc, spinal stenosis, & spinal degeneration. Spinal decompression & deep tissue laser therapy are common treatments."
Acupuncturist, LAc, DiplAC
"I am a Nationally Board Certified and State Licensed Acupuncturist with 17+ years experience. I treat people and not diseases. I am helping people learn about healing themselves."
"East Nashville Community Acupuncture offers affordable, effective acupuncture treatments on a sliding scale of $15-$35 per treatment. You decide what you pay; no proof of income required; no questions asked. Our mission is to provide the best possible care and make it available to everyone."
"Are you tired of spending another moment living in discomfort and suffering silently as the pain worsens? Look no further, we offer everything you've always wanted to relieve discomfort and live pain free. We are passionate about patient care. Our 20 years experience proves it. Why wait another day for help? Discuss this to your doctor and ask to refer you to us. Call now for the same day appointment"